Caversham Piano

About Students

All of Charlotte’s students are adult learners, ranging in age from their early twenties to seventies. 

Many start as complete beginners or have had lessons a long time ago and are returning after a long gap. Others are already advanced pianists wanting a professional musician to guide them to the next level. Some students enjoy lessons as a relaxing diversion away from work and have little time to practise, and others are aiming for higher grade exams or the DipABRSM and practise for several hours each day. Many others fall somewhere in between.

Charlotte recognises that adults learn for a variety of reasons and enjoys the mixture of students that comes with that.

Of the students coming to Charlotte for help with the teaching diploma, nearly all have passed grade 8 and want to start taking on young pupils themselves as well as strive for a professional qualification in instrumental teaching. Some of these students are already employed and are hoping to teach a few pupils alongside their current job, and others aim to build up a sizeable teaching practice in the future.  

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